by Thaione Davis

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    3 song digital 12" fashioned specfically for those who appreciate quality infused music. Quality Control finds Thaione Davis covering all the bases and delivering a substantial doseage of progressive hip hop over dynamic uptempo beats. This self produced ep features material slated to be included on the upcoming new release "GOODENOUGH", which Thaione will also handle production duties. South side of Chicago once again at its finest!
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released June 1, 2010

written/produced_Thaione Davis for Davis International
Emanuelle's Theme Music (ASCAP)
engineered _The Imagination of Ghetto Youth
design_Congo Square Design GRP


all rights reserved



THAIONE DAVIS Chicago, Illinois

As an accomplished producer/emcee born and raised on the southside of Chicago, Davis has silently become a vessel in the ranks of hip hop domestic and abroad. With several releases on both sides of the water, Thaione has developed a niche for capturing the many moods and passions of life. Modest by nature, meticulous by trade, Davis thoroughly embodies the essence before an innocence lost. ... more

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Track Name: Quality Control

Its’ funny how you don’t believe in logic
Your profits is only based on whats up in your pocket
Caramelo colour skin tone my composite
Consider how my caravan stomp thru your province
Tell me where your district at
Watch how I piss on that
Don’t give a fuck about the place where you rest your head
You can see it in the stance that I conquer
1st class whippings for them niggas who imposters
The truth holders
Who want proof that we soldiers
Notice how the hand slow grip around the holster
Upholster your front lawn with your fragments
A closed casket for living drastic
You rat bastards
Feel like im back where im stared
Fucking up your couch and your carpet
Stepping on your carcass
Blindfolded niggas wanna cross it
Let em go approach the line
We bringing madness

Quality control.
And that’s how it goes

Things said things ain’t never gone be the same
That’s why the game is horrendous
For wack emcees
You can pay to play and take it to another degree
But you ain’t never generating respect
Listen the balance is off
There’s been a rift in the culture
The tides done shift
So when I rip you will notice the livest shit
Bottom line we have reached the vertical peak
Speech used to be a weapon to teach
Im so calm complete
Concisely command the fleet
This new era looking like they misguided sheep
What ever happen to original thought
Something you brought to the table
Niggas be coming soft and unstable…
They whole rap diagram fables
Cut em off from the source
Hang em by they cables
Snatch em outta they skin
And let em pretend
They trying to offend
And we trying to win
That’s why we bringing that

Quality control
And that’s how it goes

Do you believe in self or you just tryna chase benefits
Simple shit taken outta context…
See you cant even tell a nigga that they he wack no more
Cause that emotion get hurt
Prolly rocking a purse
Come from a time where you speak your mind
Stand firm never fall
Same rebel
With the same cause
It’s like a brand new rendition of rhyme
With no position in mind
Only condition is to spit with conviction
You see I got that sickness
And now they wanna try and go and find how it’s so convincing
My regimen is handling business
On a regular basis
Stay away from them smiling faces
Or them yes men type call em basket cases
Them muthafuckas who be in your private spaces
You let em get a little bit closer
And now they tryna take advantage of the situate
Time to go and regulate…

Quality control.
And that’s how it goes
Track Name: For Nothing

Okay i’m slicker this year
I’m slicker this year
Got the fans hands stuck up in the atmosphere
Time ticking on the question like we done been here
Now we done saw that came thru and conquered
Planet on the flatline searching for the basic essentials
Why they selling game with no credentials
Call it what it is if you aint’ go much
They dropping bombs all up in your area bust
The cannon if can if you can’t then clutch
Your precious nightmares and embrace the dust
Racing to a future that is hazy
Surrounded by the maybe’s
No petals on the daises
The situation crazy
For nothing
Now lets go into detail
See we fail cause we don’t even like our own kind
Now when’s the last time that you tried to extend
Your hand as a friend to another brotheren
For nothing
Simply off of g p
You know help em get back up on they feet for free
If my community is blinded by what we call shining
Then half you muthafuckers out here claim you grinding for nothing
That’s just how break em
Take em for they sense of pride and they motivation
Sell it to they kids so when they bring it back to the crib
That’s when the domino effect slowly begins
All for nothin

It’s like you can’t even avoid
The feeling it was destroyed a long time ago
Same bloodline as geranimo
Captivate muthafuckers just like guantanamo
Im here to let em know we can’t be faded
Now face it
Im doing this here for simpler times
My systematic observation got that kalifornication state of mind
On that sun beam relax recline
By the way you just mi-informed
Hold the correction
Till you get your spine right
Or get your back in the game
Go get a sense of pride about yourself
Cause we maintain
I represent the inner crust of every broken terrain
The focus never outta focus
Analyze the prognosis
Or the forecast
Moving through the ghetto
Rather steadfast
Committed to genuine efforts
And still collect cash…
For nothing they just popping the trunk
And if you stuck
Then you just get stuck
Really im saying its for nothing