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    …Album 6. Urb Magazine Next 100 alumni.

    International recording artist, hip hop tradesmen, producer, MC, DJ, B-Boy aficionado. The self-sufficient enigma appears once again with an offering rooted in classic true school fashion.

    Employing comrade Rashid Hadee (Little Brother, Chapter 13) for assistance, the two present a sandy snapshot of pure beats rhymes and life entitled STILL HEAR. Rashid handles complete production and provides a post 90’s backdrop of dusty sample rich melodies over chunky drumbeats. Simple in essence…effortless quality, Thaione rhymes with the carefree vigor of a young seventeen year old backpack enthusiast less concerned with majority opinion. Slick and poignant content with signature easy to swallow delivery, STILL HEAR represents an unassuming approach of microphone mastery and well thought out composition. Relevant lyrics in relevant times.

    A testimony of a casual day on the southside of Chicago, 15 tracks of seamless candor. A refreshing presentation of dope beats and rhymes full of integrity and conviction. Guest appearances include Iomos Marad, Longshot, King, Ben Butter, Infinito 2017, J. Hewitt (fka Cosmo Galactus), and Rashid Hadee all on the premier posse cut “Tradesmen”. With Chapter 13 affiliate Melatone appearing on hill street boom bap “Problems”, STILL HEAR is guaranteed to be another staple in Thaione’s consistent catalog of quality music.


    01. STILL HEAR
    03. TRADESMEN ft. Ben Butter / Iomos Marad / King / J.Hewitt / Infinito 2017 / Longshot / Rashid Hadee
    06. PROBLEMS ft. Melatone / Rashid Hadee
    07. THE GAMBIT
    11. ONETWO
    14. HIGHEST REGARDS ft. Rashid Hadee
    15. PURPOSE
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STILL HEAR Okay now… Situations at a stand still Grand ol scheme in it Like i ain’t got nothing to lose Not confused by the motions Or the part time turbulence It’s nothing Fuck around and straight get to busting When it come to the clutch Or when the ceiling start caving Observations on the plantation Same as they ever was Never knew the flock would flee I guess they minds ain’t free And now they scars revealed They say i got skills Not enough to pay them bills You rarely catch me on the bill of your local colleseum Give em pieces of a broken dream I’m shitting on theese niggas Ask ‘em why they colon clean Come on it’s not a fragmented theme This is a concise treaty A manuscript for that deja vu Rip shows where the people speaking Parlez-vous Pardon my stench Got relecs of them funkadelic cassettes I guess it’s never gonna change Solo from the cradle to the grave Flipping thru this page after pain After page just another canvas Been thru the gambit Respect my stripes Permeate stereotype Igniting the boards Until they running outta steam Or collapse That nigga unseen You can never test Pride Take em to extremes I knew the formula was full of poison Who the fiends Really i’m a fan who just pivot in between The backstage courtsey of everything you don’t believe Check check 1 2 refrain// The greatest moment is a capsule in somebody mind Ready to hatch at any second that’s a delicate weapon Maybe tradition is the cannon exposed Tattering flesh Not a request Just commands on the battlefields Living by the motto of 1 shot 1 kill Niggas wasting ammunition while i’m glistening Plus setting the standard Tolerance levels is gone If they come wack up on the microphone Get em off the throne Send em straight to the guillotine Treat em like witches Im burning muthafuckers in they britches Who bragging 1984 up on this mattress Backflips Trying to get that helicopter mastered Tradesmen Davis international amazing Proficient I’m gifted Whatever rhymes with your thesaurus I bartered the chorus for ransom Don’t matter the conditions Rashid smoothing out the intermission We from the hood Everywhere you travel better knock on wood It could happen when you least expect it They got kids killing kids Is you ready to go conquer you fears Cause it appears that your inner shell is feminine I’m genuine by all accounts The only verdict is applause Confirmation of your feelings are typical Its’ critical to chase them papes But sacrifice of your creed Might reset your pace And now you gone with the breeze I’m a city dweller Trace it through my bones Carbon dated to the era circa jean baptist Skin covered in that texas grease Rest in peace to my legacy I just can’t cease They tell me failure’s not an option So…i’m still hear
Inside Your Mind She told me she was leaving I said that I was breathing Heavy But you can go and push Move along This is not a matrimony I ain’t got no ties I could slay the thighs and easy walk away Surprise Was the description of her gesture Cold to the toe nails Exit where the muthafucking mail goes Come on drama ain’t welcome At my place of rest I’m already dealing with my own share of stress You could take it as a token of my callous ways Or you can listen to the melody play It doesn’t matter how the outcome rotates inside your mind Remember all ships sink and decline Put a stamp on any attempts of closure Face it… it’s over Now what he say…umm ”hit the road jack” I’m trying to step on every crack To break your fucking back Let the number erase Babe just disappear It’s spring cleaning for the season of these lonely ducks Chorus: 4x It doesn’t matter how the outcome rotates inside your mind Remember all ships sink and decline Another taste of the medicine injected again Infected by the temptations that blow in the wind She Foxy… And got them the legs to match Plus a whole bunch of bread in her basket man And I just need one slice Maybe two if you please Her body scent it had me weak in the knees Now freeze the frame for a second ma… (just let me see….now that’s a beautiful thing) You can’t blame a brother for his undercover in discrepancies I got seventeen flaws for the female breed I’m casual on approach Throw in that hook-line sinker delight Now where you thinking I’m gone be sleeping tonight I told her first hand forget about that whole romance Consensual is how it goes if you with it it’s on She told me all ships sink and decline… You know them choice words got us sweating right through the urge Bridge: 2x It started with a glimpse Then it grew to future attempts of passion With no commitment or no rules established The pleasure was mine courtesy was explored The situation got intense behind closing doors Chorus: 2x It doesn’t matter how the outcome rotates inside your mind Remember all ships sink and decline


released April 28, 2009

Written and arranged by Thaione Davis
(T. Martin) for Davis International / Emanuelle's Theme Music (ASCAP)
Produced by Rashid Hadee
(J. Young) for Hadee's 2nd Life (ASCAP)
Executive Produced by Zaire Nasiim
Mastered by Keith Kreuser
Mixed and Engineered by The Imagination of Ghetto Youth
Art direction and design by Congo Square Design Group
Photography by Kinga
Jericho Lounge Music
Catalog # JLM008
Copyright 2009.


all rights reserved



THAIONE DAVIS Chicago, Illinois

As an accomplished producer/emcee born and raised on the southside of Chicago, Davis has silently become a vessel in the ranks of hip hop domestic and abroad. With several releases on both sides of the water, Thaione has developed a niche for capturing the many moods and passions of life. Modest by nature, meticulous by trade, Davis thoroughly embodies the essence before an innocence lost. ... more

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